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Clinical and Health Psychology Quality of Life Golf Tournament

Tastes Like Chicken_2011.JPG

20 golfers teed it up at West End Golf Course in this year’s Clinical & Health Psychology Quality of Life Golf Tournament.  After a few quick hacks on the driving range (and some nice breezes generated), 10 carts headed out to the course to chase old man par.  Four hours later, there were a few divots, a few hit trees, some great shots and lots of laughs.  It was close at the top and the bottom of the field, with one stroke separating both positions in this bimodal distribution.  Here is the winning team.

The winner this year was the team "Tastes Like Chicken" which ended up 3 under par. The team was so named because “birdies taste like chicken,”. The team won in dramatic fashion as Kevin chipped in a ball off the fringe on the last hole to create the winning margin.  Kevin and Duane took turns chipping close when the team could not land the greens in regulation.  The team was led by Jackie “Doc” Ayers who had steady play and long drives.  The secret weapon leading to this team capturing the green/gold polyester jackets was Dr. Jim Johnson.  Since retirement, he has been training for this event and it paid off big time.  His “magic putter” dropped key putts all day.

Other teams, in order of finish were "Birdie Brothers" (-2), "Weapons of Grass Destruction" (-2), "Team Intern-Grad" (+8), and "Here for the Beer" (+9).




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