Those close to David knew him as one who often expressed his feelings through poetry -  as had his  grandfather before him. Here are three selections that highlight both David's zest for life and more somber reflections on life itself.

The Many Sides of J. David Johnson

Glad am I

For days and hours that

Shine and shine

For magic moments that

I call mine

For dreams like seagulls 

Soaring high

Glad, glad am I.

                                         J. David Johnson


For Joy

For each and every joyful thing,

For twilight swallows on the wing,

For all the nests and all that sings,


For fountains cool that laugh and leap,

For rivers running to the deep,

For happy care forgetting sleep,


For stars that pierce the somber dark,

For morn awakening with the lark,

For new life stirring ‘neath the bark,


For sunshine and the blessed rain,

For budding grove and blossoming lane,

For the sweet silence of the plain,


For the bounty springing from the sod,

For every step of beauty trod,

For each dear gift of Joy, thank God!

                                                                                                   J. David Johnson


Traveling at the Speed of Time

I sit, and because I am, I think.

 I think of the summer sky

That as soon as it arrives moves west,

Into fall and fall into winter.


The summer sky moves

More quickly now. 

It lingers only briefly

Above days and nights of work and pressure.


It used to persist

Over longer days and nights

Of play and of dreams.


It seems that we have traded dreams

For possessions and positions.

It seems that more is less.


I wish I was,

Who I was,

When I wanted to be,

Who I am now.


But, now is too late,

I think,  and because I think,

I am destined to be mortal.

                                           J. David Johnson






                                                                                                  Selected Poems by  J. Johnson


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