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Granddaddy's Reflections



Hometown Reflections

   (On Gleason, Tennessee)


As I sit on my porch on a warm summerís eve

At peace with the sun going down

My mind wanders back to my childhood days

Growing up in a small southern town


It was a town where you knew everyone

And where you liked most everybody you knew

A town where families helped others in need

And where others were there to help you


It was a time when kids going to school

Were actually encouraged to pray

And you didnít worry about offending someone

If you chose to observe Christmas day.


It was a time where deals were made

And then sealed by two men shaking hands

And a place where nothing was valued more

Than the character and the word of a man.


It was also a time of warm summer days

That now seem - so very long ago

Days filled with friends - baseball and bible school

And Saturday afternoon picture shows


As a place to live during oneís early years

A better place could never be found

I am pleased to say that I was born right here

In this great little Tennessee town 


                                      Jim Johnson


Southern Exposure


The chirping of crickets

On a quiet summers eve

The hoot of the owl

The wind through the trees


The warmth of the sunshine

When the rainís come and gone

The smell of cut grass

From a freshly mowed lawn


A special dinner on Sunday

When the preacher came by

Fried chicken and dumplings

Momís apple pie


A car ride in the country

On a Sunday afternoon

A tender first kiss

Under a star circled moon


Getting up early

To go fishing with dad

We caught next to nothing

But what fun we had


Growing up with family

Spending time with friends

The joy of oneís youth

All too soon ends.


The flickering of fireflies

After the sun has gone down

Precious memories of childhood

In a small southern town 


                           Jim Johnson


           First Mother's Day Away


Now itís only been a little while

Since you passed away

Only about a year has passed

But now itís Motherís Day


How do I find a way to tell you?

What words do I use to say?

Just how much we all miss you

On this - your most special day


Now, you arenít here to get my flowers

And you arenít here to take my call

And you aren't here for me to tell you

"You're the best mother of them all"


Today, the words I need escape me

And the pain of missing you is real

And it's so very hard to find a way

To share the feelings we all feel


But may this simple message

In its short and simple way,

Somehow let you know - we all still love you

On this - first Motherís Day away


                                   Jim Johnson


   Granddaddyís Reflections


Listen now - my little one

To the words your Granddad has to say

As I reflect upon your visit with us

On this - your first Thanksgiving day


Iím thinking that you are - surely a miracle

Sent to earth - from God above

To bring your parents great joy and happiness

And teach them - how much they both can love


I can see their pride - and their love for you

Now reflected in your motherís eyes

As I recall, long ago - how I once held her

When she was just about your size


And I recall your smile - as I held you

And how very warm you were to hold

And I think of how special young babies are

As I find myself - now growing old


And I wonder - what in life awaits you?

As you grow from a child - and then into a man

And I pray that God will always smile on you

And always lend you a helping hand


I wish you today Ė all the best in life

May your days be filled with laughter rather than tears

And may you know your granddaddy still loves you

Even after - I have fully lived out my years.


So I thank you for this - very special visit

And for blessing us in this very special way

And for letting me feel the depths Ė of a grandfatherís love

When you came to visit us here today

                                  Jim Johnson

 Copyright © 2009 James H Johnson. All rights reserved





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